Our membership program is aimed at individuals and companies throughout Europe. You can choose between sponsoring memberships and active memberships, if you also want to participate in campaigns and actions in the European Circle of Friends or take on a leadership responsiblity. Membership has the following advantages:

  • Be part of a great network with inspiring people and join a top-rated charity with innovative pedagogy and a life-changing mission
  • A welcome package with detailed information about Camino Seguro / Safe Passage
  • Receive quaterly newsletters with insider information from the project
  • Personal invitation to regular video meetings with senior management of Camino Seguro / Safe Passage
  • Personal invitation to physical conferences in different European cities (every 2 years) with Camino Seguro / Safe Passage senior staff participating
  • Access to specific information (strategy & financials)
  • Regular video conferences with fellow European members
  • Opportunity to take on leadership responsibility in the European Circle of Friends
  • Joint activities and implementation of actions with the support of the business development team
  • Placement of the company logo on the website (for business partners)

Are you interested in joining? Apply now.